I had no idea what I was going to post about an hour ago….

I just felt like vomiting some nonsense into the universe.

You’d think with all this time at home, I’d be producing some real gems on here.


Today was like any other day around here.

just a little




Constant bathroom announcements.

poo in my pants




fart man



Like, I can’t complete one task without an eruption of one sort or another.

wight now



Sometimes I cry alone at night.

the ubiquitous nugget







So I’ve been trying to think some o’ them happy thoughts….

lots of cake



Thoughts that calm me down….

happy trees



Thoughts that get me going….

things that make me convulse with laughter



Hopefully we will all survive the toddler apocalypse in my house.

the zoo



And we do!

happy spaz




hi Im two



In artsy news, I’m finishing up The Rhino Lisa (officially named by frequent commentor, thescousewife).

Rhino Lisa



This might be one of my most favorite paintings.

blurry and crooked


Just need to finish the background and Lisa’s blankie.

Speaking of happy thoughts, Cathy texted me and said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to get a cute little trailer and travel to all the little Texas art/antique shows to peddle your wares?”

And I was all….




And now I can hardly think of anything else.  I found a few pics that I loved.  Can’t you see me selling my weirdness out of one of these?

cutenedd incarnate


oh so lovely


blue awning


Anybody have one in their barn that they don’t want???

Why Don’t I Have More Friends???

Aside from the fact that I hide from people, what IS IT that drives the friendlys away?  Is it the size of my feet?

The other day I decided to keep a close eye on myself to see what it is that I do that’s…. wrong.

the way things are


I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

sir mixalot


I’ve seen some ordinary people do some freak-show things in their daily lives but I’m just not like that.




My husband is DEFINITELY weirder than I am…



So i can’t measure my actions against his.




I saw a group of church ladies at the zoo the other day.  They all had kids with them.  I knew them.  Sort of.

I wondered if I could ever squeeze into a group like that.  How do I know?  Its not like I can ask my family.

the inlaws think im weird


Although I’m sure they’d be glad to make me a list….

thirsty weirdo



But they seem to have accepted me as one of their own…




I fit in pretty well.







glad shes not MY kid


my tiny happy place



I don’t know.  Maybe I have different values.  I have certain things I like to do with my time.




My time is absolutely precious to me.

home from work



I don’t want to waste it shopping.  Or whatever.




vile things



Gene, if you’re reading this, AVERT YOUR EYES while I give the entire world (70 people) a sneak peak of your birthday present!

brittanys hand


It will be so fabulous I can’t even stand it.

In other news, I found these awesome glasses at work that have a little mustache hanging from them by cute little chains!

rad stache


I bought them to wear to church!

And I had to drag my sweet little Boy to the doc today because apparently he’s allergic to the entire universe.  :(

right before bed


One of us is exhausted.


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Daddy Issues

I was looking at a recent picture of my dad. Silver-haired. Glasses.  Made me remember things.

My childhood feels like a bizarre event that happened on a different planet. First of all, I have a spotty memory, and second of all, I’ve been a lot of weird places since then.  And my whole world has changed many many times.

My mother is beautiful and stoic and sweet and quiet and quirky.  But when it comes right down to it…. I am my father’s daughter.  I’m not quite the extrovert that he is.  I’m not built for the stage like he is.  But I furrow my brow when I realize just how much of his …. essence… I inherited.

He was a “phase” kind of guy.  Golf.  Computers. Bungee jumping.


He found some tower in town and started bungee jumping off of it. Wow.  Sounds kind of weird now that I write it down…..


He was also a great speaker.  We’d walk over to Texas Tech University when I was a kid so he could jump up on the wall in the “Free Speech Area” and bust out with some preaching.



In high school my family and I were going to drive to Colorado for a family reunion   A group of my friends rode their bikes over to our house early in the morning to say goodbye to me.  They pounded on the door.  My dad greeted them with his 44 Magnum.


The weird part about that whole situation is that it didn’t even phase me.  Its not like he hadn’t pulled a gun on someone before.  But apparently they were terrified and remembered it years later. I guess maybe their daddys didn’t have a 44 Magnum?

Now days he’s off building an observatory somewhere or another.  Last time I talked to him he told me that he recently had a tooth he needed to get pulled. But that costs like HUNDREDS of dollars.  So instead he went out on the back-porch with a brick….



You can say a lot of things about my dad, but you can’t say he isn’t Interesting.  I am like a moth to a flame when it comes to Interesting….

My parents wedding day. 1973. My dad was 18


Me being ladylike


In other news, I added some new stuff to my etsy site.  Smaller prints, bigger prints and new prints! Click here to see.



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Long in the Blue Tooth

Or is it long in the blue face?  Or just Long in the Face?

Blue. Face? Long?

I’ve had a heavy heart recently.  


A heavy blue heart.

Feeling all mopey.  Tired.  Wondering if there is anything on this earth that I can do properly.  Or successfully.

I haven’t even been able to yell at my offspring in the way they deserve…


And I don’t think this bout of sadness has anything to do with the Zombie show I’ve been watching.

Although, we do live in this little gated compound where old people feel free to walk to the mailbox in their slippers and tall socks. And if I happen to be checking the mail and suddenly there is a herd of limpers behind me, shuffling towards the mail room, I’m fairly certain that if I don’t sprint over there, grab my mail and leap two extremely pointy fences to get back to our condo, that I WILL ABSOLUTELY get eaten alive.


But that’s beside the point.  The point is that I’m doubtful of all the things everywhere.

I’m having the sadness. And the loneliness.  And a desire for the friends and the companions.

And then I posted what I thought was going to be my last blog post.


And then y’all started commenting…..


….and my big heavy sad heart started inflating a little….


…and it went straight to my head.




Thank you all!  I love you!  I’ll be back!