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Ok I want to grow up now.

I recently noticed that all my peers have nice family photos. I decided, man, I need to get me one of those.  So I sat down and started sketching out my ideas. I’ve pretty much always known how I would want my family portrait to look, but the Dark Knight said that even if he wanted his picture taken……. there is no way he would grow his hair into a mohawk and let me strap ammunition belts around his chest. I even offered to let him wear goggles. But no.

Fine.  I just erased him from my post-apocalyptic family portrait sketch. He’ll be sorry once he sees how awesomely our burlap-adorned likenesses are captured in the masterpiece that will eventually hang above the fireplace. Actually, it was my search for something to hang above the fireplace that prompted somebody to tell me I needed to grow up. I found 3 killer Tubas on ebay. They were being auctioned TOGETHER!!!

Who could let that opportunity pass?More often than not, I can suck the Dark Knight into my vortex of irresponsibility.When we lived in Chicago I buckled down and made a significant attempt at maturity. I wore black and got a cell phone and I even started going to Starbucks. Those were my incognito years months…..ok weeks.  It was more of a burst than an attempt.I always thought kids would “grow me up”, but come on, I had to wait like 13 years for Siegfried.  By then I was past the drop-out date. If I quit now I won’t get my money back.Phone-a-Friend was telling me about her 6-year-old’s ridiculously immature habit of opening a candy bar and just chunking that wrapper wherever she happens to be standing in the house.

Turns out, that’s my MO. The Dark Knight still gets onto me for it.Its just that I get so distracted by fun things.But even I have my breaking point. Most of the time my inner adult lies dormant……but sometimes it comes raging to the surface like a nasty zit.Then I get all Organized.

I make Phone Calls.

I make Lists.I’d love to know how other people…be…..adults.

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Give me a responsible adult activity to put on my list. Or tell me why you don’t have one….


  • ok so why to fun and responsibility have to be mutually exclusive? its true. people like you help me let go and let the inner child run free… so don’t get too…adulty!:-)oxox

  • “Adulty” just might be overrated…calm thyself and enjoy where you are in life and what that means and what that looks like today. Today always turns into tomorrow and you have such great things to share. I thought, but only for a brief moment, because I am trying to figure out what next project to start at 7:30pm to keep myself up way too late…sound mature? HA…whatever. But really, I did think about something you could add to your list and it’s just these simple things: Take a shower every day and do something to yourself or for yourself that makes you feel pretty (even if it’s simple and plain pretty to anybody else), eat a piece of fruit and some vegetables, and then spend some time laughing at ANYTHING, and read a little, and pray, and sing, and pinch the dark night’s toosh…just be real. You are amazing. Walk on…and don’t forget the shower! LOL.Hugs!

  • I like how “go potty” got half a check. Do you get a whole check if you get to go potty by yourself, with the door closed, for an entire 3minutes 45seconds?! Now that’s being a grown-up!

  • Where is BOY little miss responsible adult???

    • Splashing in the potty….

  • Ha ha ha! I love it! One thing is true Heather, you know yourself well! Don’t ever change!

  • FIRST of all. I will take your family picture. Second, we might be twins separated at birth. Therd, I have zero adult/responsible anything. People always tell me, “Gosh, you’re SO relaxed about everything!” ….uh, they have no idea just how relaxed I am. HAHA!

    • Yes please take my family picture! I’ve already started on the outfits. And yes! I could use a little more Type A in my personality….

  • I was going to say adulthood is overrated but I see our friend Yvonne beat me to it. I do have to differ from her on one of her points, don’t eat fruits and vege’s, I vote for cookies and candy, it goes further on keeping you up all night checking off your to do list.

    Add to your to do list,
    Keep loving and laughing with the dark knight and Siegfried and Boy
    Keep laughing at yourself, its much more fun that way, no need to take ourselves
    so seriously.
    Keep these blogs coming, its a blessing to all those around you.
    Go to the dentist.

    • Yeah I’m pretty sure I can smell my teeth. Maybe the time has come.

  • 1. Wear eye shadow. 2. Eat at least one fresh/raw thing every day, even if it’s just a banana. (Has the d.k. made any salsa lately?) Not that I’m keeping track. 3. Listen to NPR in the car. That always works the best. Must be the associations from childhood, on the way to the library in our VW van, with my mom driving and the radio on. Oh, I’m a mom now, too.

    but otherwise…please stay your you-self!!

  • i’d love scooby doo gummy snacks for dinner! LOL

  • Nope sorry. I have a hard time being the “Adult” too. I’d rather write a program on my computer, watch sci-fi or read comics than go to work on time or pay the bills.

  • Does staying up half the night playing Tomb Raider count as adult? It didn’t feel very adult when I had to get up at 6:45 to get the middle munchkin off to school.. *sigh* Adulthood is just so boring…

  • Uh….you’re good for now. Enjoy the freedom while you can before Siegfried and Boy grow up. I agree with the shower every day….maybe clean up the house when you can’t find the keys….but don’t stop having fun and enjoying yourself. And maybe don’t let Boy play in the toilet….too much.

  • I’m not gonna grow up, I just refuse and I’ve got a few years on ya Violet! Enjoy life to the fullest – and you DO have a full life. Love you!

  • First time visitor, long time stick figure lover. I love finding new hilarious websites! I am just in awe of your cartoons and ability to paint cabinets pink.

  • i live dangerously close to both ends of the age spectrum. i’ve been told that mentally i’m a 60 y/o woman…and also a 6 y/o child. i’m comfortable with both. being an adult is totally overrated. don’t do it. it’s not worth it.

  • I love this sooo much!

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