My dreary, dreary, dreary mood.

I woke up with it this morning.

Was it the heat?

Was it the dead baby cockroach on the floor?

Was it the Friday the 13th?

More than likely it was the state of my house.



I HAD to clean.

But you know, my back is hurting and my neck is hurting. Plus I’m really lazy. Β And then throw in the weird mood.


But I discovered something interesting about our wooden floor.


And, well, we were all pretty happy after that.


  • I love you.. a lot.. and I’m pretty sure I just drank a bug in my beer.. blech..

    • I love you too! :)
      And, well, I’m sure the bug was too wasted to know what hit him. Namely, your tonsils.

  • I’m starting to feel really redundant with my feedback for you – but once again I loved your post – and once again I thought ‘she really should try and publish!’ ………

    • That would be fun! However, first I need about 150,000 more readers before a published will sneeze in my direction. And there are too many talented bloggers out there. Like most of my commenters!

      • Maybe several of us bloggers should get together to pool our readers and publish something together.

      • Self publish. Every advantage goes to those who self-publish. Publishing houses are going the way of the record company, and they’re screwing authors in the mean time in order to stay afloat. Read this:

        • I considered self-publishing before. I’ve written a couple of novels. Or is it even a novel if its unpublished? I’ve written hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages……
          Self-publishing intrigues me……

  • Nothing like a ride on an ottoman to brighten your day. :)

    (I do love your “moody” picture though.)

    • Thanks! It would have been even more complete with a soundtrack.

  • Your dark mood illustration is beautiful. Do you ever sell any of your work? And this post? LOVED IT! The facial expressions are perfect.

    • Thanks o creative one! I have sold paintings for years. I’ve done a lot of portraits as well. But this is my first stab at digital art. I thought I’d start with the stick figures and work my way up. :)

  • Love it! The kids will always remember that day – and not the clutter.

    • Oh I sure hope so!

  • I want this one to go viral. So. Good.

    • If I had a reality show, this is the kind of stuff people would be forced to watch. We don’t get out much…..

  • Heather (Violet?), FYI–the hyperlink in your name on the comment you left on my blog has a typo, so it goes nowhere when it’s clicked on. There’s an extra “i” in “devolution”. I wanted to let you know in case you copy & paste it so it doesn’t happen elsewhere when you comment. You don’t want people to miss your FABULOUS blog! πŸ˜€

    Now, as to the fabulous blog. Did I mention that I think it’s utterly fabulous? πŸ˜€ I love your work, especially because you have such a wide and interesting variety of styles. Your work is wonderfully expressive and so joyful. I’m so very glad you visited my blog so I could find you and add you to my favorites!

    • Hey thanks for visiting!!!! How lucky are we to have the blogging platform at our disposal! So fun!

  • Where have you been all my life???


    PS I keep debating the whole self-publishing thing myself, but part of me feels like it’s a cop-out and an admission that my work isn’t good enough and then the other part is all @$&! YOU, ESTABLISHMENT.

    So, there’s that.

    • Yes I have those two sides as well. Although I’m more like “Darn you, The Man!”

  • ok, this is the coolest blog ever. I think I’m in love (either that or my meds are just kicking in).

    where is your follow button!?!? not the subscribe, but follow? get one!!!!


  • Is that it at the bottom? On the…right? Google won’t let non blogspot bloggers have the Google Follower buttons anymore. Stingy…..

  • Lol, well, this is a treat! I haven’t had Internet for several days and there’s a whole collection of your posts to go through! Well, three actually, but collection sounds better. Thanks for another laugh!

  • WAIT!!! Lol… this last comment was meant for the post following this one! I’m not used to how you have your comments above your post – rather than below – and always get confused lol… so just read my most recent comment as being for the post about your extreme body language πŸ˜‰ Thanks!

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