Hi beloveds!

I’m temporarily separating from my blog due to irreconcilable differences.

It will be a short break while I work and breathe and think and paint and sketch and eat donuts.

I will be back.

If anyone needs anything, like advice on how to….. ok I don’t know how to do anything at all.  But if you would like to chat or just say hi, I will still be emailing.

I love you with all my Heather-heart.

paris copy


  • Don’t be gone too long please but enjoy your time off.

  • Hey, hope you have a relaxing and productive time. We all love you and your blog <3

  • …*sniff* … you will be…missed…. :'(

  • Have a great rest and a donut for me! :)

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooo okay! I will look forward to your first post back, and as Denise said – don’t be too long!

    And where was the mention of chocolate in your post? Huh???

  • Enjoy your rest. Don’t be gone too long.

  • I love you and I will miss you and I hope you have a great “staycation” and vacation. I think I may have eaten too many donut “tastes” the other day, so you can have all the rest of them for me.
    Later, gator.

  • We’ll miss you and makes sure to eat more than one donut in your honor (our version of pouring one out for the homies).

  • I sure will miss you! But at night, I’ll look up at the stars, and know that, somewhere, somehow, we’re both eating donuts.

  • How appropriate… Leaving to eat donuts on National Donut Day… I’ll raise one to you and your sabbatical. Enjoy :)

  • thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us! sometimes it’s okay to be stingy with yourself, though, and i hope you can truly enjoy it. i also hope you will return to make our lives a little more interesting again before too long. cheers. :-)

  • No no no…
    Come back soon please!

  • Feel better. Decompress. Enjoy “blog rehab”. Take care of yourself.

  • I miss you.

    Hope all is well.


    • Hi!
      I’m doing ok. My life is in limbo right now, or so it feels. Trying to decide what is and what should never be.
      Thank you thank you thank you for checking in.
      Makes me feel good on my insides.

  • Had to let you know I’m suffering major withdrawals from your blog!!!

    Hope you’re having a great break & discovering what you need! I’m soooo looking forward to sitting back with a cuppa & savouring your return.

    Take good care of yourself & much peace & happiness to you! Xo

  • Please come back now. We miss you.

  • I am SOOOOOOO Missing you!!!! Major withdrawals…. *sniff* Hope all is well with you and praying for strength & direction for you in your life. *mwah!*

  • I still check in to see if you’re back, yet. Should I keep holding out hope?

  • Missing your take on the world….I hope you will be back soon!

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  • You’re never coming back, are you? ;(

  • Wondering how you’re doing! Hope all is well.

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