I’m a Loser, Baby. So Why Don’t You Kill Me.


My Immune System is an idiot.

In the past two years I’ve been all over the place with the afflictions.

Last year I actually had SHINGLES.  Who has that???  Isn’t that some kind of disease sailors get from witch doctors in Indonesia?  Or is that Scury..or Scabies…?  I’m not sure, but I DO know that you DON’T want to get shillings.  Scalies.  SHINGLES!

And ever since then my Immune system has been sleeping on the job.  I hadn’t had the stomach flu in 23 years and then BAM!


Twice in a row!

And then when I came back from Chicago my kids were sick and by Wednesday I was all…


But then by Friday I was suddenly….

…and my face experienced a vast range of undesirable cooties.

I’ve about had it with all that nonsense.


  • What are your allergies? We are moving into mountain cedar season very soon. I got a steroid shot last year and it helped immensely. I’m usually allergic to January in south Texas, but the steroid shot made life much better.

    • That’s right! I forgot that about you. Maybe I need to be shot with something…

  • A friend of mine at work had shingles this summer. My first reaction was, “I thought only old people got shingles.” And then my second reaction was to start acting feeble whenever he’d drop by and say things like, “Purvis, can I borrow your mobility scooter? I need to get to bingo!”

    Nothing like piling on, huh?

    Anyway, did you catch it before it resulted in the painful aspect? Because I’ve heard that really sucks.

    • I thought shingles were old-people-cooties too. I guess not. I got it on my arm and at first I thought I’d been burned by some kind of acid. Because, you know, I like to keep open containers of it lying around the house.
      But yes. It HURT.

      • My mom got it earlier in the year, but caught it and was at the doctor within a day of noticing. He gave her a prescription, and she put some sort of cream on the rash, and the pain never came for her.

  • Read the book “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon. It might change your life.. 😀

    • Does it have lots of pictures?

  • How much Lubbock water did you consume as a child?

    • We didn’t drink “water” growing up. We drank that gray stuff with all the floaties in it.

  • Flu here, too. Ugh. Feel better soon (all of us)!

    • Oh so sorry! Poor munchkins (and adults!)

  • You are absolutely brilliant and funny and talented. And in the barf department, unmatched. Since one of my twins had the self-same moment tonight, he found your picture to be all about him. And since the other twin is in the snot/sneeze/bankie stage, he felt included too. Too awesome. Hope you feelz bettah soon!

    • Hi! Tell your twins (holy cow I can’t imagine having twins) thanks for reading!!!

  • I used to get shingles about once a year when I was a teenager. I am SO SO SO happy that stopped. Very painful. I believe they are a kickback from the chicken pox virus.

    I hope you feel better soon. Being sick sucks. I haven’t gotten really down for a few years. (*fingers crossed)

    • Oh you poor thing!! Once a year?!? That is so miserable. Yes. Chicken pox. Little jerks.

  • I have no remedies or deep intellectual thoughts to offer. All I can say is that I’m sorry your life is craptastic right now. I hope you feel better soon.

    • Thanks! We’re all doing a little better this week!

  • Oh dear. Shingles is no joke. You seem a bit young for that sort of thing, but it is part of the chicken pox virus that a lot of us carry around. Thanks, virus. Maybe you can try some probiotics to help wake up your immune system? And I hear you about stuff piling on. It’s not been pretty around here. Hope you are all feeling better!

    • Probiotics. That’s what that woman in the white coat keeps flapping about. Maybe she’s onto something…

  • Are your kids exposed to other kids and bringing stuff home to you? Cause that just sucks.

    • Seems like that’s what all the normal kids are doing, but alas, no. We’re not really ever in a situation like that. No daycare. No school. Not yet anyway….

  • Stupid immune system. Lazy bones.

    Hope you get to be healthy for the next 5 years since you got all of your sicknesses at once.

    • That would be so fabulous. I would also like the next 5 years to include an anti-aging serum and superhuman physical agility.

  • Oh yuck, I hope you’re feeling better, and that your immune system wakes from its slumber soon.

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