I wasn’t even going to post today….

Too busy thinking about the fact that Siegfried bent my entire toenail backwards with his big, fat tennis shoe.  My toenail is all purple and swollen and I’m being an ENORMOUS wuss about it.

So I wasn’t going to post, but then something weird happened and the boys started playing by themselves and so I decided to draw my big happy feelings (about events coming up in the near future…).

Right this minute

Right this minute


So its been a while since I’ve had some biggies to look forward to in life.  I look forward to little things every day, but after a long dry-spell, I have some biggies coming up.

For starters, my Mama is coming tomorrow!  I feel like this! Yee haw!!!



She has no idea how much work I have planned for her.  Really I’m just hoping she’ll give me some stern looks and tell me to go clean my room.

So that’s this weekend.

Then in June I’ll be going to visit my Aunt and Uncle in California.  And by “visit”, I mean they are letting me come crash in their guestroom and slink around the town by myself in a trench-coat so I can stare at people and they wont talk to me.

Thank you, Rick and Marla, for giving me the gift of this alone time!  In fact, I am so exited about it that not even a flip can do my feelings justice.  More like a flaming ball of happy!!!!

Happy Blast


And then in July I might be going to India for work.  I’m “flipping” excited about that trip.

I do flips


ta da


I’ve realized that most of my adult life I’ve traveled for work.  I LOVE traveling.  I LOVE being stuck in an airport by myself.  People watching.  Not having to interact.  Knowing that all I have to do is catch a plane.  Its very relaxing for me. I know it has the exact opposite affect on most people, but I love it.

A little big something to look forward to in life.


  • Dang, woman! That is all super fabulous news! I’m so glad you are getting these great opportunities. I love, love , love the flaming ball of happy. You go girl!

    • Thanks man! These great opportunities are blowing my mind!!!

  • Wow ! Those ARE all big things. Isn’t it funny how they always seem to happen at once?

    • Yes. When it rains, it pours a million cats and dogs on my head. It’s incredibly exciting.

  • Exciting! The travel/family stuff, not so much the owie toe! I was sure we were going to see a photo of it…

    I am so glad you are happy again! Hope is a wonderful thing!

    • Thank you Michelle!! I have definitely had happiness hit me from unexpected places. I am SO thankful for it!

  • I love being able to sit by myself and pretend to read a book but really, I’m simply people watching. I love making up stories about what is going on. I think it is my little OCD trying to figure out the world, but I get some good stories going! Hope you don’t lose the toenail. Sounds as though that hurt like heck! The boys knew to keep out of your hair for a minute, Yes?

    • Oh man Patty, it literally dropped me to the floor. Boy was grabbing my face and Siggy was trying to kiss my toe. So sweet but BACK OFF MIDGETS!!!

  • You should breeze thru Tokyo on your international trip–plenty to inspire you here…including little ‘ole me!


  • India? India?! INDIA!! And, with that, I will know die of jealousy.

    • Yeah I’m pretty stoked. :)

  • Yea!!!! To every bit but the toe…

    • My toe looks ridiculous. But it is a happy toe nonetheless.

  • That is some lovely news! (well, except for the toe…) Enjoy that time with your mom. Moms are wonderful and time with them, well worth back flips and balls of fire.

    Siegfried, lay off your mom. She’ll need those toes for all that traveling.

    • Yes and I NEVER get my mom all to myself. It will be awesome!

  • Your hair always looks so good, when you draw yourself happy! Easy Breezy Colorful! :)

    • I definitely feel prettier when I’m happy. :)

  • Huzzah!! And, India?! That sounds incredible and I’m extremely curious…

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