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I AM THE QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE (in short bursts)

So last night I was lifting weights. Hard.  I’d had one of those days weeks. I was blasting some music that I will not name because I refuse to name my music.  It was great.


Suddenly I was hit with a mania of sorts. I’m not sure if it is hormone related, but based on my hot, flashy temper this week, I’d say yes.



Whereas before I worked out I was feeling a little…



…afterwards I was all…


And I also decided that if I didn’t start the two paintings that had simultaneously popped into my head, like, RIGHT THIS MINUTE, I would die.

And so I got a grip on myself and casually asked The Dark Knight if I could run over to the art store BEFORE the kids went down.


Maybe he could see the Crazy in my eyes, but he said yes.

So I got there 10 minutes before they closed and I hauled butt.


And then I came home and painted for 4 hours straight.  I did a little more today and Siggy caught me taking a breather (during his quiet time on the chair).

You can tell how grimy his fingers are by the foggy lens.  Great.


Anyway, aside from all that action, I wrote out all the names of people who commented on the giveaway blog and I let Siggy draw.

He takes it very seriously.


Yay Faith!  Congrats!

UPDATE- Hi Faith, I tried emailing you but it was sent back.  If you will, contact me via my contact button so I can get your shipping info. Thank you!


  • I love the drawing of you after the workout. I totally look like a supermodel in my head. The reality is far less appealing. Good luck with the new paintings!

    • Thank you!
      Yeah I feel like Wonder Woman after a great workout and then I look in the mirror and lament the fact that I don’t have a superhero nose….

  • I don’t always comment, but I always read. I look forward to these moments. I’m always amused. Love it. Love you guys. Hello to RXG.

    • Thanks Craighead! It’s nice to know you’re reading!

  • Congrats Faith! You are one lucky girl!

    • Denise I have several boxes of things for you to look through. I keep thinking I’ll mail it but I would so rather bring it myself.

  • Yay, Faith!!!! Congrats you lucky dog you! <3

  • I was blasting some music that I will not name because I refuse to name my music.

    It’s pronounced “Journey”.

    • Oh my gosh! I read this earlier and was unable to defend my reputation until now! All I could do was laugh. Laugh in the little pointy face of Steve Perry, as talented as he may be (in the eyes of some)….
      So funny!

  • The #1 torture device used at Guantanamo: this YouTube video.

  • Dang it, dang it, dang it!! I missed the giveaway and my heart is so sad, cause I just know Siggy would have drawn my name. Oh well, congrats Faith, whoever you are :)

    • Don’t give up hope just yet. Still haven’t been able to contact Faith. I’ll give her until the end of the week! THen, its a re-draw!

  • I just read the last two posts. I was too late to enter. Congrats to Faith and I will catch one another time.

    • Maybe I should attempt a more masculine painting…..

  • Lucky Faith!

    And also, I love the ‘after’ shot:)

    • Thanks! Aside from the face, its TOTALLY spot on!
      …… :)

  • The yelp heard through my office was resounding! Yippee! I just looooved seeing Siggy’s lil hand holding up my NAME!!!! Give that young man special treat. Like a new sword or something messy top lay with. Thank you Heather. We will hang your print in a place of honor. This will be the beginning of the collection! You are a fantastic artist.

  • I love that you think in pictures. Love it! If I drew my day it would be so *blech* and I live in a cool place!

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