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Mar 12, 2012 - Updates    6 Comments

I have some really bad news….

Some of you might know this already, but for those of you who don’t….

I’m very, very ill.

In fact…..

I’ll get back on as soon as the doctor clears me for manual labor.

IF that happens.

You never know with diseases such as this.


PS- I’m slowly making updates to my web-site.  These things take time. And knowledge.  2 things I just don’t seem to have.  We’ll get there……

In the event that I win an Oscar….

I’d like to be prepared to illustrate it correctly.  My old drawing stylus was chunky and flimsy and Seigfried kept sticking it up his nose and smearing fluids all over the screen.  I “settled’ when I bought it, anyway.  So tonight I spotted my dream stylus at Home Depot. No wait, whats that other big obnoxious place…..Best Buy! That’s it.  And I brought it home and did a trial drawing for my inevitable academy award night.Which is better than the one I did with my old stylus.So there you have a glimpse of the art you COULD be viewing, if only I weren’t so lazy.  But at least now I can do more detailed drawing in the event of an Oscar nod. Its best to be fully prepared.

Important information

After I posted my Fire Blog, I had several people ask me if I had made the whole thing up. No way. I couldn’t come up with that ridiculousness if I tried. So, as I will do from time to time, oh ye of little faith, I will show you the proof!
Ok, it’s not exactly “proof” per se, because I didn’t stop to take a photograph of the blazing inferno in my living room. But it is close.

First we have the flat, situated nicely within the horse paddock.
They watched us while we ate.
And we watched them while they pooped.
And even if we weren’t watching, we could hear it. And come to find out that no matter where a horse pees, it always sounds like he’s urinating on a flat rock from a great height.
The inside…
The worthless fireplace (ok it worked just fine!)
And me and the dogs. This was a birthday card but I updated it to be more awesome.
You’re welcome.

About Me

I am a female and I was born and raised in Tejas!

At the age of 21, I married the Dark Knight.



(The Dark night is not his real name and the dry-erase board is not his real head, but with my uncanny portraiture abilities, its likely he would be recognized in the streets and mobbed.  They’d steal his Target watch, just to have a little piece of our fame).

The Dark Knight is brilliant and hot, but very very demanding.

Ok, those last two weren’t demands but the implications are clear. Actually, the poop inquiry is always a little murky now that we don’t have dogs.

But this blog is about me. And nothing. Not the Dark Knight. Although sometimes he makes an appearance.

Anyway, we’ve lived in various locations on the planet but once we arrived on the African continent we started pumping out babies like nobody’s business.We had two.

Siegfried….and Boy.


Now we are back in the States and The Dark Knight does brilliant things and I stay at home with Siegfried and Boy and try not to go completely scooters.

I arrange furniture at night and paint pictures of trees and my esophagus hurts when I button my pants so I don’t. Ever.

I am 37 and my name is Zoe  Sheena  ……Violet.


Disclaimer: I am conscious of the fact that practically everyone on the face of the earth has a blog JUST LIKE this one. I’m not doing it because I think its original or because I’m better at it. I’m doing it because I can. And its a great way to let off steam at the end of a long whatever.