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Hi beloveds!

I’m temporarily separating from my blog due to irreconcilable differences.

It will be a short break while I work and breathe and think and paint and sketch and eat donuts.

I will be back.

If anyone needs anything, like advice on how to….. ok I don’t know how to do anything at all.  But if you would like to chat or just say hi, I will still be emailing.

I love you with all my Heather-heart.

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Apr 15, 2013 - Important Information    77 Comments

Long in the Blue Tooth

Or is it long in the blue face?  Or just Long in the Face?

Blue. Face? Long?

I’ve had a heavy heart recently.  


A heavy blue heart.

Feeling all mopey.  Tired.  Wondering if there is anything on this earth that I can do properly.  Or successfully.

I haven’t even been able to yell at my offspring in the way they deserve…


And I don’t think this bout of sadness has anything to do with the Zombie show I’ve been watching.

Although, we do live in this little gated compound where old people feel free to walk to the mailbox in their slippers and tall socks. And if I happen to be checking the mail and suddenly there is a herd of limpers behind me, shuffling towards the mail room, I’m fairly certain that if I don’t sprint over there, grab my mail and leap two extremely pointy fences to get back to our condo, that I WILL ABSOLUTELY get eaten alive.


But that’s beside the point.  The point is that I’m doubtful of all the things everywhere.

I’m having the sadness. And the loneliness.  And a desire for the friends and the companions.

And then I posted what I thought was going to be my last blog post.


And then y’all started commenting…..


….and my big heavy sad heart started inflating a little….


…and it went straight to my head.




Thank you all!  I love you!  I’ll be back!

She Had a Lot to Say. She Had a Lot of Nothing to Say. (we’ll miss her)






Oooooo! Fancy fancy.


Really, I’d just like to say that I thank my lucky stars that I was not born a dog, because if I was a barker and my owner put one of those shock collars on me, I would never ever ever ever learn.

I don’t know if its because I’m a sasquatch with long monkey arms, or if its the fact that we have low ceilings, or if I just need to grow A SINGLE WORKING BRAIN CELL, but I am about to show you something I do every. single. day.


I sure don’t mind putting on my pants in the closet, but if I’m going to put on (or take off) a shirt, apparently it wont happen unless I can stick my hand into the high-speed ceiling fan.

I just don’t learn.


And half the time I’m not even standing still.  I’m moving from point A to point B and the ceiling fan is waiting RIGHT THERE to catch my hand like some kind of sadistic Monkey in the Middle.  And its traumatic and loud and jarring.




In bigger news, I was working on a painting a few weeks back….


And I was all up in its grill, as usual.  But then I noticed something.  Something that has NEVER happened to me before.


The canvas was blurry!



All my life I’ve been waiting for the moment when I can go out and buy reading classes!  I don’t know why…. its not like I want to wear glasses.  But I love the thought of not being able to see something right in front of my face and then suddenly when I put these things on my nose….I can see it…..!!!!  Its a miracle, no???

So, I just now decided to draw how glasses make me feel, but I’ve also just put the boys down and one of them has “Tee-tee on mine pants!” and the other one is jumping up and down on his crib mattress as if he has to lose 56% of his body weight by midnight.  So I stopped paying attention to my drawing after I drew the circle for the face.


So there it is, folks.  Exactly how I don’t feel when I put on my reading glasses.


Also, I saw my Wump this week.  He’s been living on my Sister-in-law’s ranch.  Out with the cows and coyotes and wild pigs.  He was all dirty and gross then.  But now he’s with the parent’s-in-law and he’s back to his buttery soft clean self.  The Wump I know and love.


He’s just so stinking stupid.  “Stand up, Wump!”

Biff! Face-plant on my knee.


I love him to stupid pieces.

So much of the busyness

I don’t even have time to breath and yet I find myself playing in the minivan for an hour and a half with toddlers.  That IS my busyness.

But there are other activities as well.


Playing with the cousins while they were in town.


Roasting pretend marshmallows.


Roasting real marshmallows.


And then there is the everyday peace and tranquility that is our home-life.


Today we went into Fredericksburg and I raided a friend’s closet.  Boy has allergies and is thus subdued and crabby.

Siegfried, on the other hand, found a zip line outside, leading off a tree house, and despite his inability to stand upright for more than 2 seconds, that kid can do some serious hanging-on.  Wish I would have taken a picture of that….


I did get this one from my sis-in-law from my birthday.

My sweet, enormous three-year-old.


In other news, I will be leaving for Chicago on Wednesday.  It will be a crazy crazy crazy trip but I will be posting pics on Twitter and Facebook as I work so y’all look for them!

Talk soon!


Guess who’s back!


I’ll give you a hint… its NOT Arnold Schwarzenegger….


Its me!


sort of….


Me on a really really good day (in my 20’s)



Maybe not so accurate right now….



Do I feel better this week? Yes and no.

I’ve had a nice break from…..drawing….


We went to the coast for a few days.  It was…..


But wonderful nonetheless.

The worst part was when Siegfried dropped my ipad on concrete floor and it shattered.


The most relaxing part was when I took the longest nap on the planet.



And the yummiest part was when The Dark Knight grilled out on the deck and we had fajitas and sausage and nom nom nom nom!!!


And now we’re home and I’m having more and more and more and more quality time with my offspring.


And I’ve shipped off some paintings.


And my car broke down late at night and I had to walk home from the store with a bunch of flippin’ milk.


But to celebrate my return, I’m doing another painting (the original, not the print!) giveaway!

The Baobab.  

(We took about 15 shots and this is the only one that didn’t come out blurry.  Nice.)

Just leave a comment on this post and I’ll put the names into a hat and draw one on Monday!

Also, I’m leaving up my etsy discount for two more weeks (to help pay for a car repair and an iPad screen) in case you want to get an order in.  And even if you don’t, go check it out because I have new photos up. Not new paintings, just awesomer photos.

See you Monday!