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A Little Something to Make the Males in My Family Terribly Uncomfortable



So my sister got herself some new Boobs.


Its been fun to live vicariously through her. So many interesting issues and social interactions that arise because of that procedure.  And I TOTALLY get why she wanted them.  All the women in my family are tall and slender.  Tall slender women do not typically have large breasts.  And I did not, until I turned 23.

SAY whered you get the boobs

They came out of NOWHERE!  It was like, one day they just appeared out of EXTREMELY thin air.  (I’m not saying I had enormous boobs, but they weren’t non-existent).

I was pretty stoked.

My sister is 12 years younger than me, so eventually she grew this awesome butt, which came out of nowhere.

i like big butts and I cannot lie



But, later on, after kids, she decided to get her some Boobs.

yay breastases



Now, before anybody loses their religion over this, I did ask before I blogged.

can i can i can i


And she said “YEAH! SURE!”

shes a freak too


Its an interesting situation to get yourself into, the acquiring of new Boobs.  Especially if you don’t announce it to the universe beforehand.  And we two sisters have a lot of brothers.  That makes for weird conversation.

the discusser


(because its so me to get into “discussions”)

i am an ostrich



And the brothers….

happy brothers


confused brothers



But even weirder than that is the work situation.  Say you work full time in an office and one day you leave with nothing and then 2 days later you return with the Boobs?

A friend of ours was telling us that a woman in his office got written up for showing her Boobs off one too many times.  On one hand, that’s crazy.  You’re really flashing the entire office??

the flasher



On the other hand, you’ve just acquired these new assets and they were expensive and you suffered for them and now you feel like a million bucks.

so i picked up some new assets


looky left

looky right

pst hey you


I love my sister.

She's in High-School here

She’s in High-School here


She’s pretty cool.Hayley





  • So you got boobs at 23, huh?? Maybe mine will come in at 43??

    • Dude there is always hope!

  • I have more boobs than I really want. Nobody wants man-boobs. I’d probably have to pay someone to take them away……or stop eating doughnuts.

    • Ah, moobs. Well, those can hit at any age.

  • Who doesn’t love some boobs. Good for your sister.

    • Yes I am happy for her!

  • Good for your sis!

    True story, I met my three half sisters when I was 30. And the first thing one of them said to me was “Aw. You got boobs. None of us got boobs.” That’s how we formed an instant sister bond. Over boobs.

    • Wow!!! 30!! That’s crazy. And amazing! So incredible that you were able to connect (over boobs, haha)!

  • I have absolutely nothing constructive to say, but I sure enjoyed this post. The expressions on the stick figure brothers is the best! Awkward.

    • Yeah and there are 2 brothers represented here. Didn’t have the energy to represent everyone. :)

  • Wait, so I’m seriously confused… Did you and H. Get boob jobs? What is going on here?

    • No, confused brother. Just Hayley. Who knows WHERE mine came from.

  • If I had a choice I would rather be tall and slender and small boobied!

    As you can tell I am short and fat and that’s all I am going to say LOL

    • There were MANY years that I wanted to short. And have an actual shape…
      Isn’t it interesting how we desperately want what we don’t have?

  • I had boobs right up until I was 27 and then they left along with my hips after a substantial weightloss – turns out that they are made of FAT! Who knew that! They made a brief but mammorable (he he) reappearance when I was preggers and then gone again.

    My husband generously describes them now as “70’s boobs” which are apparently his favourite kind. Lucky thing that, given that they are his legally wedded breasts.

    • Bridgette that is hilarious!
      So a big weight loss? Good for you!!!
      My pregnant boobs were not fun for me. They were LITERALLY bigger than my head!

  • Also I thought that you were going to talk about periods. Which I think that you should put a pin in for future blogging.

    • Hmmmmm that’s a topic! I’ll be hemorrhaging followers…

  • I had a sister of my sister-in-law get boobs. I really couldn’t tell. Apparently she’d been stuffing for a long time and just got her boobs done to match what she’d been faking (B cup I believe it was). Best boob job I’ve ever seen though.

    • Yes, natural-looking is definitely the way to go!

  • I love everything about this post :)

    Also, I worked with someone that got boobies and felt the need to show them to everyone. This might not have been such a big deal, except for the fact that she had only worked for the company for 2 weeks. It was…interesting.

    • Yeah that’s not really “first Date” viewing material. You kind of have to know a person.
      I’m one to talk!
      (No, really…)

  • i just sent this blog entry to my co-worker who got new boobs last week. it was just too perfect!!!

    • Oh good! Someone who can relate! :)

  • Sooooo, I got boobs at the tender age of 39. Paid a pretty penny for em too. I did show them off but ONLY to a couple of very close friends and my sis. Yep. Thank you.

    • I told my sister that if I had brand new boobs I would have to refrain from blasting TMI into the universe. It would just be SO EXCITING!
      And 39 is a GREAT age for the Boobs.

  • Boobs are tricky things. I was super skinny when I was on the swim team in high school and had ‘barely boobs’. I started gaining weight in my college years, and now I love my boobs…but dislike the love handles.

    Seems like for some people you just can’t have both (skinny and great boobs)! At least I got hips that are awesome at any weight :D.

    • Oh you with the lucky hips!!!!!
      Wonder if they do hip implants??

  • What did your brothers say/do? As the big sister to two younger brothers, I cannot even begin to imagine what they would do if I suddenly wandered in with boobs. I think their heads might actually explode from awkwardness.

    • One brother said “rad!”
      One brother stared at a spot somewhere in the distance and detached himself from reality.
      One brother read this blog and was all “WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN????”

      • HAHAHA! The third brother is my favorite.

  • I love every thing about this post – including all the comments!
    I grew up with 8 sisters and we all have large stick-em-out-too-far butts. With no breastses (yes, I meant that) whatsoever. Hardly, anyway, except for when we gain too much weight.
    Too funny – and congrats to your sister for getting what she wanted!! Yay!

    • 8 SISTERS!!!!!!
      How many bathrooms did you have!?!?
      If the answer isn’t “9 bathrooms”, how did you survive????

  • I have 2 older sisters and our whole family got missed when the boob fairy visited. I purchased mine at the age of 40. Prior to my purchase, if I wore my bra backwards, it would have fit much better. My oldest sister had it done probably around the same age but hers looked very fake, which made me rethink wanting them in the first place. Mine ended up looking very natural and now I wish I had done it in my 20’s. Also, 2 of my daughters got missed by the fairy and I am telling them to get it done before 40 for sure. Best money I ever spent. (And I have NEVER shown them off to anyone except my husband). 😉

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