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So, my mama came and went.

It was wonderful.

She got here late Friday night after the boys were already down.  The next morning, Boy got up at the crack of dawn and appeared by her couchside.

is that a ski






sucky sucky



singy singy



climby climby



sharing a pillow



And that pretty much sums up the whole weekend.  The boys were instantly and permanently smitten with my mom’s gentle , kind, serving spirit.  As I am.

She cleaned my kitchen.  And let me take naps.  And watched the kids while I went to church!

I actually almost didn’t make it.  First of all, Boy fell and hit his head on a box-spring.  Major goose egg.  After I calmed him down I decided that even though church was about to start, I’d still try to make it.  I had no makeup on and my hair was wet.  Figured I’d at least dry my hair and then go.  But after many many years of valuable service, my hair dryer decided to explode and shoot angry flames at my clean white dress.

I did make it to the car though, AND TO CHURCH, despite having zero gas.




And the HEATER was stuck on in the elementary school where this church meets so they had the doors open and this huge industrial fan set up to blow cool air in.  I sat RIGHT IN FRONT of that fan.  And I don’t care who you are.  If you’re all dressed up and the wind is blowing your hair around all cool-like, you totally feel like you’re in a hair commercial.  I did.

Arg! Started to draw how I felt but then decided I’m way way way too lazy tired to draw anything other than sticks but here you go anyway.

screw it



And so today, after my mom left (me a clean house) and I’d stuck the boys in separate rooms for a nap, I laid on the couch and felt intense satisfaction about all the things everywhere.

me and my mama


Boys Booboo


mama and boy


Thank you, Mama.

I love you with all my daughter-heart.


  • I love this!

    • Thanks Chelsea!!!

  • Ah! So sweet. Some day I will make it back to Lubbock and look her up!

    • She would love that, Pat!

  • Ahhh, moms are great! I appreciate them SO much more now. So glad she could come.

    • Tamara I wish I could fly to Japan and be your mom for a weekend.

  • Your mom is beautiful….it’s obvious where you get it from. :)

    • Aw thanks Friend! I’ll be happy to get a fraction of her beauty.

  • It sounds like a nice visit.

    • No Keith, it was uber-nice.

  • The first panels, with Boy and singing grandma, are very touching.

    That’s an impressive lump over Boy’s eye; it made me wince.

    • Isn’t it?? It nearly made me gag.

  • Awww, so sweet and lovely! Sounds like you had a really, really great weekend! I’m so happy you had that time with her.

    • It was fun to feel like a kid again for a few minutes. :)

  • Love moms! Brought a tear to my eye!

    • Moms are awesome!!

  • Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud at your stick arm and leg. I have laughed each of the six times I’ve gone back to look at it too.

    I need your mama to come visit. She’s divine.

    • You would love her, Someone Else. She is so gentle.
      She could pet your hair while you cry in the bathroom….

  • Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud at your stick arm and leg. I have laughed each of the six times I’ve gone back to look at it too.

    I need your mama to come visit. She’s divine.

  • Really loved this! There’s nothing like a mom’s love, focus. Enjoy every second. My mom loved her daughters and grand kids. They loved her even more!

    • I appreciate her now more than ever before. Its fascinating to now understand her as an adult.

  • warm and fuzzy feelings. We all love your mom now.

  • Oh I love the hybrid drawing! Too funny! My son’s Oma would scare him witless if he came across her sleeping – with no teeth! LOL

    • Yes thankfully my mom still has all her teeth. Hopefully she’ll get another 30 years out of them….

  • Aw, sounds like a lovely weekend. Aaaaaand, now I’m going to call my mom.

  • Aw :) My mom goes by Oma too. Small world.

  • Despite the bump and bruise, what an absolutely fantastic weekend! And you got to feel like a gorgeous model! Alone! I don’t know how you let your mom leave. I definitely would have pitched a toddler-style fit in an attempt to get her to just stay for one more day. I’m mature like that.

    • Why do I bother callnig up people when I can just read this!

  • Oh my gosh! Poor baby really does have a goose egg. So nice to hear about your mom. She sounds completely lovely. She even looks like a sweetheart from the pictures. Do you suppose she would adopt me?

  • What a wonderful visit with your momma. I miss my momma – she died in 1998. Seems like forever. I didn’t ever get enough of her. I’m so glad you had your momma and your boys got to have her around. What sweeties, all of them.

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