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So much of the busyness

I don’t even have time to breath and yet I find myself playing in the minivan for an hour and a half with toddlers.  That IS my busyness.

But there are other activities as well.


Playing with the cousins while they were in town.


Roasting pretend marshmallows.


Roasting real marshmallows.


And then there is the everyday peace and tranquility that is our home-life.


Today we went into Fredericksburg and I raided a friend’s closet.  Boy has allergies and is thus subdued and crabby.

Siegfried, on the other hand, found a zip line outside, leading off a tree house, and despite his inability to stand upright for more than 2 seconds, that kid can do some serious hanging-on.  Wish I would have taken a picture of that….


I did get this one from my sis-in-law from my birthday.

My sweet, enormous three-year-old.


In other news, I will be leaving for Chicago on Wednesday.  It will be a crazy crazy crazy trip but I will be posting pics on Twitter and Facebook as I work so y’all look for them!

Talk soon!


I Say Meep to You!

I can’t imagine having the ability/compulsion to talk NON-STOP.

For some people, words just dribble out of their mouths like….. dribbly stuff.

I spoke to a girl today who had that ability/inability-to-cork-it.  She was telling me about a fabulous restaurant and it became clear that she wasn’t sure of the exact name of the place.


Did that slow her down?

No. It did not.


In fact, various names came spilling out of her pie-hole one after the other.  Each with a tone of total certainty and conviction.



I mean, how do you think that fast, let alone SPEAK THE WORDS .

People like her commonly share other qualities.  Sometimes they’ll ask a question, but while you are answering, their face is still making noises.



And they are often unfazed by any form of disagreement.


There must be something scientific behind this.  You talkers have a brain that follows your mouth.  Or maybe it pushes the words out as its forming them.


My brain is such a jerk when it comes to sharing.


Today Siggy came out into the living room having dressed himself.  I happened to have the camera open on my phone and I got it on video.

He was wearing his shirt as shorts and his underwear were on his head.

I watched the video a little while later (after I’d sent it out to the whole fam), and I was appalled by my inability to narrate.


I was also looking through my pictures and realized that most of my photos are of me by myself.


And most of them I took myself for the days when I blogged my daily life.


And half the time I’m doing something….weird.

There are no pictures of me in a bar with all my girlfriends….


I am such a loner.

I blame it on my words.


I Eat Burlap for Breakfast!


That is a picture of me sitting with my still-shattered ipad, thinking of HILARIOUS things to blog about.

But I can’t.  Not this week.  Seems like I have something big going on every week.  Last week, barfing my brains out, this week, shredding and washing 200 yards of burlap in our tiny tiny apartment.

That is 100 POUNDS OF BURLAP, in case you’re wondering.

And burlap sheds like a really furry, stinky dog.

My shirts look like this.


My socks look like this…



My food looks like this…


Or maybe its the fact that i have a coating of this on my eyeballs….





Want to know why I’m man-handling 200 yards of mind-melting burlap in my little tiny home??

I can’t tell you…..yet.

Lets just say that I am doing an “installation” in a big city in 2 weeks.  I’m treating all this burlap, shipping it off in boxes, and then dragging my little brother to the big city to help me build this structure in less than 8 hours.


It will look nothing like that….

But until then, my house is overrun with stuff that looks like it should be outside killing a tree.


Its everywhere…..


In other news, Siggy has found a wooden hot dog and refuses to put it down, even to go to the bathroom.


Last night (at about 2 in the morning) he awoke and realized the weenie was MIA.  He was beside himself.  We searched and searched until The Dark Knight found it.

But all day today its been My Hot-dog this, and My hot-dog that.  We took a break from the burlap and went outside.  There is a hill on the side of our condo and Siggy threw that hot-dog up and down the hill for an hour and a half. Thankfully the groundskeeper is use to our weirdness.




The End.



Boy is going through a phase.  Many phases actually.

First of all, his little drawl is increasing exponentially.

“No mower!” (no more) is the one we hear many many many times a day.

His toys are his “tow-oys”.

Arg.  That’s all I can say about that.

He’s now scared of dogs.

And black children, apparently.

We were at the park the other night.  It was crowded….


….so we went and found a less busy, thrill-a-minute area.


Boy is pretty cool most of the time.  He lets Siggy get all the glory.


This sweet kid came walking up to say hi.


….and Boy started making the bad noise…..



…and then he flipped his gourd. Totally flipped out.


The dad, who was this big white guy, came up to retrieve his poor rejected child.


And that’s when the stupid may or may not have started falling out of my face.



And then I run out of Stupid and have no back-up.


And then The Dark Knight tries to save me with some Normal….


…and apparently there was a little Stupid left over……


….and by “a little” I mean “a whole freakin ton”.


So a couple of night ago we stuffed out post-sick selves into the mini-van and puttered to McDonalds.

And there were other kids there playing and it was all fun and games.








Oh well. I guess you can get away with that crap when you’re a toddler.

Keep it to yourself, sister

We’ve had a rough week around here.  And because of that, this post will include more words than pictures.  Something I try to avoid.  I get into less trouble that way….

I always hem and haw anytime something real happens.  Do I write about it?  Do I just skip on over it?  I guess if it concerns me and it wont hurt anyone else, I can talk about it if I want to. I like talking to this blog.  Its a form of processing.  I used to plan out my blogs, but I haven’t done that in a long long time.  Sometimes its more fun to just let it fall out of my head.

So I had a miscarriage this week.

Taking a positive pregnancy test was a much bigger shock than the loss was.  When its such a huge surprise, you almost expect it to go wrong.  So, I did some crying and I did some alone time.  The usual stuff.  But like I told The Dark Knight, in some ways, pregnancy is like a death sentence in that “Heather, you only have 2 months to function as a human being before you’re walking on crutches and sleeping in a recliner.”

And thats about what my pregnancies look like.  So after I did the crying, the other side of my brain was suddenly totally ready to weed out our entire house and clean up all the messes that just about throw me over the edge when preggers.  But then Siggy started writhing in his blanket on the floor.


I sat there and watched him.  Wondering what on earth he was doing.

And then boom.


And then at a later time, Boy was sitting on the bed in silence….


When suddenly he announced…


Proceeded by….


And of course later on that night I was doing my thing….


And as some of you might remember, I pass out when I throw up.  It is so very fetching.

At one point I woke up with my cheek smashed up against the baseboard between the toilet and the cabinet wall.  I was having some sort of dream that involved a vague figure trying his darndest to explain to me the intricacies of that jump-heel-kick thing.  


And I wasn’t listening to him at all.  I was going at it based solely on my own knowledge and strength.

Then I woke up and it took me close to 5 seconds to figure out where I was.  Coming out of that unconsciousness is like pulling gum off the bottom of your shoe.  It doesn’t want to let go.

And then of course The Dark Knight was all….


And let me tell you what.  Our little house is too stinking small for so much illness.

But there was one day in there when I wasn’t violently hurling, and I had a few hours to watch some TV.

Something I haven’t done in almost 2 years.  (Ok it was netflix).

I started watching Mad Men.

I couldn’t believe how perfect everything was.  Its like, anytime someone walked in the door they actually had a clean surface to put their keys on.

All the women in the grocery store were well-coiffed and wearing dresses.  Even the “single mother”.

Everyone drank and smoked and looked perfect and beautiful while doing it.  It was amazing.

And it made me want to clean my house and buy a dress….and take up smoking?……and always act like everything was just lovely????

Na.  I’m a mess this week and so willing to admit it.  Next week, I’ll be much, much better.

Thank you for listening, blogworld.