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I am signing off

I keep thinking of that verse that says “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

I know Jesus is talking about putting our hope in earthly things as opposed to heavenly things, but for now, I’m going to yank that right out of context and apply it to all my little earthly treasures.

I am weary right down to the core of my very being.

I’ve been that way for a while.

Health things and money things and kid things and creative things.

My heart is in too many places.  


I need to prioritize.

I know that this is just one of millions of blogs on the internet, and if my little feed doesn’t show up in your reader, its not the end of the world.  But I love my blog.  Its MY KIND of journal.  I love doing it. I love getting comments. My heart is here.

But for the next few weeks I am going to unplug from the internet and try to get myself together.

For them.


Don’t throw yourself off the bleachers just yet.  I’ll be back.  In 2 weeks.

Until then…. enjoy a Heather-free internet.

Ps- I’ll still be responding to emails in case of an internet crisis!


Rage Against the Machine (or whatever)

So I was driving the other day when I hit a stop light.


No, really, I’m not  ragey.  At least not on the outside.  I hate cleaning up messes that I’ve made with an inability to control my mouth.  Or my flailing arms…..

So, at this intersection I watched as a car pulled up at the perpendicular street.

(Perpendicular…..the more I look at that word and say it out loud, the more I don’t know what it means.  Let do something fun and leave it where it is without looking it up!)

So, at this intersection I watched as a car pulled up at the perpendicular street.


My oncoming traffic had a green arrow and this enormous semi was trying to turn left. And not quite fitting.


There was a cute old couple in the car that was in the way. You know, the perpendicular one….


And when Mr. Cute Old Man saw the semi coming, he knew he would have to back up a couple of feet and scootch on over.




And it took him like, two seconds to back up and let the semi through, and then he was back in his precious spot, still flipping his gourd.


The dude was in his 80’s at least.  But he was nearly knocking his seat off its mount, thrashing back and forth and slamming the steering wheel.  I should have taken a better look at what his wife was doing, but she seemed to be staring straight ahead.

This whole thing irritated the dog out of me. So I hopped out and approached his car.


I pitied the fool.


I sympathized with his trauma.


I displayed emotion like a pro.


Curse the laws of physics (when pertaining to what size vehicle can physically fit through what sized space!)!!


OR the “injustice”.  WHICHEVER!



And that’s when he bludgeoned me with his donut cushion.

Ok so I never got out of my car.  But I still thought What? On? Earth???

How do you get that far in life and never learn the art of self-control?  How does something like HAVING TO MOVE YOUR CAR 17 INCHES make a person barf up a vital organ??

It kills me. It really does.


Of course, this week I went to the gym (where I have a PRE-PAID membership) and the doors were locked and there was a sign on the door that basically said, “You’re screwed.  Sorry.”

They closed down.  And now my world is crumbling.

And I cursed a blue streak (for me)

I am no better than he.

Y’all ’bout to be skooled!


Today is my one year blog anniversary.


I still have no idea why I started this blog.  I think I needed an outlet that was somewhere in between a journal and A FLASHING NEON SIGN WITH MY NAME ON IT ORBITING THE PLANET .

You know, middle ground. Ground which I never seem to occupy with my moods…

Anyway, I was looking at a blog the other day and thinking…”Wha?”  I couldn’t figure out who this person was or what they were doing.

So I decided for my one-year anniversary, I would re-introduce myself and reveal a little more than I normally do.  Now that my name is out there on etsy …

Hi. I’m Heather Gauthier.


I turn 38 on Sunday and I still wear this stupid scarf on my head.  Although sometimes I don’t.


(This picture was taken by my 3-year-old Seigfried…not his real name).

You may not be able to tell based on the art quality on this blog, but I am an artist.  Sort of.  I do other things too but they are…weird.  And I’m a terrible housekeeper. And organizer….

I was born and raised in Texas.


I married my husband, The Dark Knight (not his real name) in 1995.  I was 21 and he was 19.


He was grumpy about the wedding in that he had to be in it.  Our wedding pictures look like this….


We lived in San Antonio for 3 years, recovering from wedded bliss…. and then we decided to move to Chicago so the Dark Knight could study smart things.


I loved our nasty little apartment in downtown Chicago (above a pizza parlor).

I did artsy things and The Dark Knight did smartypants things.


And then 7 years later we decided to move to Africa so The Dark Knight could study languages that nobody knows how to speak.  And I could wander and write.

We lived on the beach.


And then after 13 years of being unable to shoot forth offspring, I gave birth to Siegfried.


He changed my life with his awesomeness.

3 years later we moved back to the US, landed in San Antonio, and stayed here while I gave birth to shock #2: Boy.

He is my most favorite dumpling.


The Dark Knight PhD and I have been married for 17 years and we have toddlers.  And that’s about all we have.  We’ve never owned a home.  Never purchased proper dinnerware.  Never really fit in to the groups.  And that is just fine with me.  We’re here for now.  Got us some family and friends (they’re ALL blurry).

And I paint and sell on etsy and do freelance “boutique display”.  Our little life is definitely a group effort.

Last night our 3.5-year-old, Seigfried, fell and hurt his arm. We took him to the emergency room.

I haven’t mentioned it here before, but Siegfried had a stroke before (or perhaps during) birth.  It knocked a large hole in his cerebellum which controls his center of balance.  He is brilliant.  He knew the alphabet and could read several words before he was 2.  So no cognitive hit.  But one neurosurgeon told us that she didn’t think he would ever walk.  Now he runs all over the place.  Its terrifying but he does it.  And he hits the floor a hundred times a day.  So the fact that this was our first major injury is amazing. He is amazing.

The ER doc told us he had a left radial fracture and they gave him a temporary cast.  But then today we took him in to get a real cast and the doctor looked at his X-ray and said, “What moron took this?!?!”

He did another one and found NOTHING.  No break!  He said there might still be some tiny fracture so we’re keeping the temp cast on for a week.

Wow that was a tangent.

What was I saying?

Oh yes. This is my blog. That’s all it is. I scribble something out, rarely proofread because man I’m tired, and I publish it.  Sorry about that.

Thank you, those of you who visit and comment.  I literally wouldn’t be happier if I had my own flashing neon sign orbiting the earth.  Actually, that would be….nasty.

The App That Sends me Spiraling into Depression

The Dark Knight found a new game for Siegfried to play on the iPad.

Its called iBlastMoki 2 HD.

That will be my new curse word.


Its really a great game for the 3-year-old. It keeps him quiet for minutes at a time.  BUT IT KILLS ME.

Let me tell you why.

I let him play it while Boy takes a nap.


So I can do things.


I can really go after the housework.


Or whatever.  You know how it is.

So I’m busy doing my chores…..


Minding my own business.

And suddenly the music hits me.


I can’t stand it.

No, thats a bit of an understatement.






It hurls me into the fiery pit of despair where all I see are shadow and flame!


How do I even describe it???

Its like low-budget, nature-documentary, end-credits music.

I can even see the screen.  Its an ugly landscape and the colors are all off.


And there’s probably a duck and there’s definitely a lens flare.


Or maybe it just turns out to be a bad commercial for a local craft barn where they show low-quality pictures of antiques and slap this music on, thinking it makes them look sophisticated.


Whatever it is, it is death to my soul.


And Siegfried is oblivious.


Until he starts losing.


And then he hates it too.


And he turns it off.


And resorts to Angry Birds.