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I Go Limmin’ wit Mine Choaties!

As I’ve already mentioned this week, I can’t talk. Or was that last week?  My whole life is a blur after all the…


But what I haven’t mentioned is that lately Siegfried and his best frenemy Simon are REALLY starting to communicate well constantly.  To us and to each other.  And their verbal skills are really really really funny  bad.  We went swimming the other day and they were all…


Both of them with their crazy speech “glitches”!


I have 3 younger brothers so I’m used to little boys and their butchered consonants, but these two really are cray.


..and then there’s Boy…..


But its not just the speech impediments that are surfacing. The atrocious grammar makes a daily appearance.


He does this every single day. And every single time, I rain on his Fun parade by saying…


It never sinks in.


And then on top of all that we have the regular, everyday weird-words.



And day-in and day-out I sit at home with the horrific grammarians and then every once in a while I go to Sonic and make a giant boob of myself.

Otherwise, I don’t get to make new friends anymore.

I simply fail to impress.


But I have Cathy Lynn.


And Phone-A-Friend can always be counted on to butcher a saying or two.


Who knew that having babies in my mid-thirties would wipe my brain of all intelligence?  I wonder if that grows back……

And we have a winner!

So, yesterday I brushed my hair and put on make-up.

I was all ready to do my first ever Video Blog.  I was so ready.


At first I wondered if  that’s what instigated the violent hurling…

But long after I gave up on the idea of making a public appearance, I was still yakking.  And writhing.  And aching.

It was the flu (and not the fact that I was about to film myself).

My entire night was the night from hell.


But I’d already hand-written over 60 names for my basket (and added a couple more new entries). So this morning, after the worst of it had passed (and after Boy had dumped an entire glass of water on my head while I was laying on the floor)…..


I went ahead and pulled a name out of the basket.


Even though I felt like death and there was no fanfare….



Especially after I went back and read her comment where she says she never wins anything!  Yay Stephanie from Clay Baboons!!!  Congratulations!

This was so much fun I’ll do it again.  More than once.  I already have the canvas….

Thank you, people!

Give It Away Now

Alright.  Here it is.  My big, fat painting giveaway.

I just “finished” it about an hour ago.  I could spend about 47 million more hours on it, but I have to quit. And give it away.  Here it is.

I decided to continue with my African series.  Its fun for me.  I’m sure I’ll love this painting someday but right now I’m so sick of looking at it that I could chuck it out the window.  I feel that way about every single thing I paint.  For a while at least…..

So here I am wearing my weight-lifting clothes with no make-up on and my hair in gnarly braids.  Sorry. I didn’t have time to primp.

his will give you an approximate idea of its size.

I could just give you the dimensions but that would require a measuring tool.  I think its like….16X24ish?

Anyway, ALL you have to do is leave a comment!  Anyone and everyone (within the United States, unless you are willing to pay the shipping. Darn.  Sorry fun new reader Mascha in the Netherlands!) who leaves a comment, will have a chance to win.  I will enter all names into a basket and draw one out on Monday night.  I don’t have an endless list of readers, so your chances are pretty good.  Even if you’ve never commented before.  Comment!  It will be fun.  You have until Monday night!